Art & Creative Associate

I’m an innovator often tasked with producing ideas for visual elements of advertising campaigns that include press, packaging and the web.

“It’s necessary for every designer to act as the project manager – that one point of contact for the client. It’s the bedrock of great service”

As a Creative Associate, I work on campaigns from the outset and understand details about our clients, their products, target audience and figure out how best to express their message visually for whatever their objective might be - brand recognition, response or engagement.

Having worked for prestigious publications like India Today and Hindustan Times, I’m an expert at all things trending – be it using pixel squares to create logos and graphics, or conveying a unique brand message through illustrations or fashioning a retro vibe through paisley motifs.

  • There’s no doubt that we do things a bit differently as a small agency. In fact, for a small agency you might even say we’re pretty big on the benefits.

    Go ahead. Think it over. You might even say #smallisgood