The Project:

UPES is a leading University in Dehradun, offering programs in law, management, engineering & design sectors.

The Deliverable:

Conceptualise, design and develop the quarterly magazine – Energy News, by aggregating and refining content to produce a high quality publication to engage the audiences.

Our Idea:

Our idea was to develop the magazine to directly speak to the target audience that included the current students of the university, potential students and also the stakeholders from the petroleum and energy industries. After reviewing the previous editions of the magazine, we identified potential areas of improvement to induce dynamism and reader engagement. This included interactive quotes and the articles weaved into a guiding thought to build a story rather than presenting an unrelated bunch of articles. We maximized the use of graphics and images to attract eyeball and reinforce content. The result was a 40 pager publication class magazine with a guiding thought. Rather than following a template design that would have dulled the effect we wanted to achieve, each page was granted a contextual design with interactive quotes to stitch together the publication.




December 2014