The Project:

Srishti is a township in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, developed by The Shipra Group

The Deliverable:

To project Srishti as the best luxury township, offering homes with the perfect blend of comfort, sophistication and the lowest density of apartments per acre in Indirapuram. Our creative team took on the project with the zeal to deliver nothing short of excellence!

Our Idea:

Our big idea behind this brochure was to do more with less. This was honed by our art directors into a straight-line, minimalist design with an amplified usage of white to fuse together modern lifestyle cues with the property’s luxury features and its clutter-free, open setting in low-density environs.

To accelerate purchase decisions and build sales, it was important to quickly appeal to the senses of the no-nonsense and time starved target audience. For this reason, the brochure handled all emotive elements while a set of ‘inserts’ handled other functional aspects such as price, area, floor plan and features. To lend an important touch of credibility, the storyline developed by our content team prominently played on the scale and experience of The Shipra Group as the parent company behind Srishti.




July 2015



Real estate is rife with competition. There are literally thousands of choices out there and making the right one can seem difficult for buyers. So, we wanted a brochure that helped our project stand out. We assigned this task to CIQ. In them, we found a group of thinkers who spent a lot of time understanding our needs and even visited the location. One of the things that really impressed us was that the CIQ team looked at design and content more as a story, rather than just layout. We think this approach helped create a sense of wonder, curiosity and novelty about our project in the buyer mindset. We could not have wished for a better outcome. Brilliantly done.