We see CIQ more as a partner. We've used their services for online display ads, social media campaigns, print materials such as calendars, prospectuses and even our entire elementary school kit. In all of this, they've helped us establish a carefully thought out theme for Maple Bear to attract parents as well as franchisees. I would definitely recommend CIQ to all my associates and entrepreneur friends.


The Project:

Maple Bear is a leading Canadian preschool chain with over 70 schools in India. With a track record of excellence in education, they bring the very best of Canadian early childhood and elementary school practices and programs to India.

The Deliverable:

Develop a marketing campaign to highlight Maple Bear’s modern approach towards education and learning, targeting a spike in enrollments and franchise partnerships for Maple Bear.

Our Idea:

Our idea was to build a design theme centered around Maple Bear’s unique and progressive education model and how it can bring out the creative best in young ones. A pictorial theme using playful colors and slice of life images showing kids in their learning environment was invented to communicate core values of fun, exploration, activities, games and experimentation, ultimately signaling a complete departure from the traditional model of ‘learning by rote’.


Maple Bear


March 2012


Digital / Print / OOH