Communication Specialist

Familiarizing myself with our clients’ products and services, their target audience and competitors’ landscape, I develop powerful communication ideas.

“Content is all about how fast and accurately we can signal. To minimize the burden of processing, we must sometimes ditch traditional content delivery in favor of something smarter like an infographic.”

To me, effective copywriting means editing long, drawn-out explanations into tweet-able sized bites without losing brand essence. It’s my job to make sure that our client’s target audience can digest our content very quickly and easily.

I’m the storyteller; writing clear, persuasive and original copy. I create slogans, catchphrases, messages and straplines for Print, TV, Radio, Web advertising and also work the content for brochures, blogs, email newsletters, and white papers.

  • There’s no doubt that we do things a bit differently as a small agency. In fact, for a small agency you might even say we’re pretty big on the benefits.

    Go ahead. Think it over. You might even say #smallisgood