"We are impressed with CIQ’s approach. They understood our need for a sharp and professional feel which was evident from the brilliant design theme they delivered. It was the perfect mix of realism and abstraction while focussing on the Summit's key assets.

Being event related deliverables, speed of execution was of essence and CIQ impressed us with their fast execution. Whatever we needed from design, copy, HTML publishing to production – the team was on it!"

The Project:

Sankalp Forum is an initiative by Intellecap that engages Governments, corporations, influential platforms like the G8 and G20, media and civil society to drive inclusive development. Since its inception in 2009, it has connected over 400 enterprises to investors and funders, and built a community of over 23,000.

The Deliverable:

To strategically plan, develop and produce unique pre-event, email and social media promos and on-site branding experiences through a prominent design idea for the high profile, two days, 7th Global Sankalp Summit in New Delhi.

Our Idea:

Crafting a powerful design theme hinged on the conception of an idea that synergized the starkly distinct audiences whose interest we were targeting to ignite with the theme of the conference - Fuelling the Innovation Economy for Impact: Role of Government, Private Sector & Capital. Therefore, the design idea was built around geometric shapes to signal growth, a dynamic framework of change and transformation. To build and execute the concept through various event deliverables, our design brought focus on their initiatives; key speakers and policy makers, workshops and activities, success stories and entrepreneurs.




March 2015


Identity / Print / Digital