The Project:

Greenlite is a brand of Halonix Technologies, one of the fastest growing residential and institutional lighting companies.

The Deliverable:

Develop a solution to highlight Greenlite as the smart, economical, eco-friendly and futuristic lighting company.

Our Idea:

Our idea was to take an indirect route of persuasion - rather than focus purely on the brand; develop a website that would help the consumer make the smart choice in favour of LED over the multitude of traditional lighting options available, i.e., help shift the consumer's preference. The idea wasn't to sell Greenlite but to educate consumers about this new category of affordable, energy efficient lighting. This was made possible by infographics and a smart 'product comparison' widget that provided information on the benefits and allowed users to compare products across categories; LED vs CFL. By allowing users to draw comparisons, we led them to actually compare the 'new and the old', 'the smart and the legacy' and created the logical end result that it was time for them to make a shift, a choice and go with the new. Overall, a thoughtful blend of design and content including the usage of a green theme symbolizing eco-friendly and a simple and intuitive interface with minimal design, further aided an uncluttered and focused message delivery.




January 2015



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