Finance Director

I use numbers to tell a story. It could be a story about client relationships, business development or a picture that helps us plan media purchases for our many clients.

“Although, I'm a thorough-bred 'numbers' professional, I regularly participate in client meetings and sometimes even pitches. Keeping in touch with our clients keeps things in perspective and the focus is always on enabling client delight.”

Its been more than 40 years with juggling numbers and matching balance sheets. I am the go to guy for all the finance related work at CIQ. I manage the Billings, expenses, Profit and loss statements, balance sheets and investments. I have worked in finance for a diverse group of industries, enhancing my business sense for most of the industries.

Having worked closely in the rubber, glass and now advertising industry I have a knack for understanding the client’s psyche in terms of media spends and the expected ROIs from such spends. My experience enables me to be on top of the numbers game be it client proposals or our own finances.

  • There’s no doubt that we do things a bit differently as a small agency. In fact, for a small agency you might even say we’re pretty big on the benefits.

    Go ahead. Think it over. You might even say #smallisgood