The Project:

Designed to take the hassle away from roadside flagging and haggling, AUTOnCAB is an app for commuters to hail autos from their smartphone. Once hailed, the nearest auto arrives at the customer’s doorstep … home-delivery of auto rides, if you will!

The Deliverable:

A modest budget and a big task defined our deliverable for this Startup. We were required to spread the word, generate app downloads, maximize usage all using social media and email marketing channels. We also needed to develop information materials, print advertisements in Hindi to recruit auto-wallahs into AUTOnCAB

Our Idea:

Our designers saw this as an app with a unique promise … ‘Button Dabaao, Auto Bulaao’. At the creative level, our team chose to build a design persona, an entire branding style with a smart voice around a series of hand-illustrated auto rickshaws in different situations and places. This made for a hugely relatable campaign that took a cultural icon and positioned it as the latest convenience in town. CIQ’s strategy drove users from Facebook, email and online channels to achieve over 1.5 lakh rides in fewer than 8 months!




June 2014


Digital / Print