The Project:

Automen is a start-up company offering preventive car maintenance services at the customer’s doorstep.

The Deliverable:

Develop a website to educate new users about Automen’s services and enable them to enquire and book through this website.

Our Idea:

Being a startup brand, Automen needed positioning. People needed to know how to perceive the brand or more importantly what the brand stood for. Our idea was to communicate directly to car enthusiasts and package key message delivery in a smart, remarkable website built around dynamic lines, slants and colors. The fundamental idea was two-fold 1) to suggest that is not just car servicing components that arrive at a consumer’s doorstep; it’s the full diagnostic gear accompanied by experts who examine the vehicle and recommend service and repair measures and 2) to whet the car enthusiast’s appetite to observe as his car is being serviced. To bring these sensibilities to life, our design team rejected traditional options like an expensive photo-shoot or stock images, in-favor of various smart elements such as wireframe graphics that were suggestive of a sense of ‘looking at a car with x-ray vision’…




July 2015



Launch Site

CIQ gave our website a clean and trendy look to bring out our USP and establish that 'doorstep car servicing' is a reliable and smart alternative to the traditional car servicing model. We are extremely pleased with their sporty design and hand illustrated graphics that appealed to car enthusiasts in a big way.